January 01, 2020

Culpavinum is a two-woman duo, one of whom happens to be a fellow Grapeviner, Aisha Arden. They work primarily as “concept curators”-  the umbrella term for the various creative fields they cover. They work with brands, largely clothing designers to produce creative content that captures the essence of their brand. They do this through styling, writing, set creation, modelling and photography. Their most recent collaboration was with Nike Women and they are planning on doing a lot more with the brand. They will also be using this platform to launch their web series “The transcontinentals” premiering in 2018 February. It will be a series exploring those who live fluidly between cultures. As women born and raised in Africa before moving to England, it is a narrative central to their lives and many others’ and they seek to explore this with the range of people to be featured on the project. They are both based in London but also spend time between Ethiopia and Nigeria. If their content interests you, intrigues you or you you’d like to get in touch with them, find them at and on instagram @culpavinum

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